Filter exterminating bacteria and viruses in air conditioning system

Filter exterminating bacteria and viruses in air conditioning system

AGAVI FILTER patent is created to save life >> from unnecessary death >> from acquired infections The world is searching for solutions to win the fight against germs, bacteria and viruses. AGAVI filter provides the solution!! It is coated with media that eliminates bacteria and viruses, and destroys them. The filter is installed in the air conditioner openings - air supply.

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Filter which destroys bacteria and viruses in air conditioning system

Filter which destroys bacteria and viruses in air conditioning system

Top Filter Products for Diverse Industries and hospitals AGAVI filter is different from other filters – it does not filter the particles but destroys them by damaging the envelope of bacteria and viruses. AGAVI filter is a solution for contaminated air in bacteria and viruses in all public spaces. Will be happy to answer all your questions Tailored Solutions AGAVI FILTER understands that each industry has unique air filtration requirements. That’s why they specialize in providing customized solutions to meet the specific needs of various sectors. Versatility Across Applications Whether it’s hospitals where air purity is paramount for patient health, pharmaceutical facilities where maintaining sterile environments is critical, or educational institutions where clean air fosters a conducive learning environment, AGAVI FILTER has the expertise to deliver optimal filtration solutions for every air conditioning systems.

Personal masks made of antiviral and antibacterial fabric

Personal masks made of antiviral and antibacterial fabric

The company's unique technology has allowed it to produce personal masks for maximum protection from antiviral and antibacterial fabric. Thanks to this unique technology, the mask protects better than the masks available in the market.



AGAVI filter is a new and unique product that provides solutions for polluted air, AGAVI patented innovative filter technology that disinfects indoor air, 99.99% effectiveness indoor air, Elimination of bacteria, bacteria and virus allergens (ARS-CoV-19 and influenza A). A unique patent based on the technology of eliminating the bacteria and viruses that come into contact with the filter coated with a substance that damages the cell envelope Compared to the mechanical filters that work in the filtration method.

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Woven air filters made of polypropylene have been tested for bacterial survival. The test strains belonged to a positive gram and a negative gram. Bacteria. Antimicrobial agent, for its ability to prevent microorganisms from settling filters. It turned out that antibacterial filter therapy resulted in a clear reduction of live bacterial cells and the presence of in the air surrounding the incubation column was established.

Installing the filter

Installing the filter

Easy and quick replacement of the filter at the base of the grill

Virus and bacteria are everywhere

Air conditioning is full of dust

Mass infection factor

Why does the world need our solution?

In public spaces and in hospitals in particular, the central air-conditioning system is full of bacteria and viruses that are transmitted from the air conditioning ducts back to the rooms and constitutes a mass infection factor.

Our business model

To reach each and every person in all public spaces such as hospitals, hotels, airplanes, trains, cars...

The filter is available for sale from Agbi Ltd., or from authorized distributors.

How are things done now?

Today in hospitals only surfaces and water systems are monitored, only surgery rooms have a high-density filter.
No one have filter which has filtration of the bacteria 0.3mcy and not enough for viruses.

Ms. Osnat Abigail Anavi

Founder, CEO

Pharmacist, researcher, and initiator. Invented two first studies: anti-bacterial filter and anti-virus system. Central and second fusion - a study in jellyfish venom cells on malignant tumors.

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Professor Reuven Or

Principal Investigator

An outstanding hematologist and bone marrow transplant specialist in Israel. He is famous for his expertise in techniques related to bone marrow transplants. Along with his career as an outstanding doctor, Prof. Dr. Reuven Or is also an active researcher. He has mostly focused on the function of immune cells, their activation, and signals responsible for activation. He has published several articles in medical journals.

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Dr Yonit Winer

Researcher, Shaare Zedek Hospital

The filter was developed during several years to achieve results that meet medical requirements.

The technology was tested in Shaare Zedek hospitals on the air conditioner vents (recirculating air) and showed results of 89% filtering/killing bacteria.

The filter was sent to laboratories in Italy and tested against the corona virus.

At the same time, the filter was tested in Aminola laboratories.

Anti-Cancer Therapeutics image
Avimedoza Ltd. Is a biotechnology company conducting research On the venom of an Israeli jellyfish on illuminating growths .

 CEO & Researcher, Anavi Osnat Avigail, Principal Investigator Prof. Or Reuven Jellyfish researcher Dr. Dor Adelist .   

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